Employee Management in The Era of the Pandemic

At its core, the COVID-19 pandemic is a human crisis. COVID-19 has changed the experience of work for the vast majority of employees. It forced organisations across the globe to adapt how work is organised and how jobs are designed. The transition from on-site work to work from home has been an abrupt and sudden one. Especially, It has been a really difficult challenge for the Human Resource(HR) Managers. They not only had to take care of the pandemic’s effect on their employees but also make sure that the work pertaining to the various projects did not halt.

In this age of our life where social distancing is the new normal, SalaryBook provides you with the perfect mobile application to manage your employees. The SalaryBook App offers you a wide spectrum of features that help you manage your employees very easily and are also very handy. Some of them are as follows:

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  • With SalaryBook’s Effortless e-Attendance Management System, mark the attendance of your employees in one click. Moreover, SalaryBook smartly calculates your staff’s salary based on the attendance inputs you provide, considering overtime, late fine, leaves, and half days. You can also customize the attendance system according to your requirements.
  • With SalaryBook’s Efficient Payroll Management System, You can keep a clear record of your business’s finances, including your employee’s salary. You can also keep proper track of advance payments, any allowances, bonus or deductions. SalaryBook also allows you to make seamless salary payments to all your employees and generate payslips.
  • With SalaryBook’s Methodical Expense Management System, You can truly be the master of all your expenses and have proper control over them. SalaryBook helps you to manage your expenses by adding them all in a single place with a simple click. SalaryBook also helps you in preventing the hassles of month-end expense calculations. SalaryBook makes managing expenses on the go.
  • With SalaryBook’s Exclusive Salary Feature, You can help your employees in these times of distress. SalaryBook allows you to give your employees access to money between paydays which will automatically be repaid from their paychecks and prevent any excessive fees or interest.
  • With SalaryBook’s Seamless Employee Hiring Portal, You can post job requirements and hire from the best-suited employees for your company from SalaryBook’s exclusive network India’s most skilled officials. Using SalaryBook’s hiring and onboarding tools, You can also send Job Offer letters, make a custom onboarding checklist and do much more.

Therefore, You can overcome the hardships of the pandemic easily by integrating SalaryBook in your business and have an ever-increasing slope of growth of your business.

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