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Getting started with a business is not easy in today’s world. There are several challenges regarding it. Starting a business requires money and innovative ideas and adaptability to the changes in the market scenario, which will help the business flourish. Several small business owners start a business and run it for a few days. But when it comes to Managing Finances they find it difficult as accounting becomes a daunting task. Staff Management is one more facet of a business that is directly related to its development and growth. Many a business go downhill due to the mismanagement of staff and resources. Therefore, if proper care and attention are given to the aforementioned two key aspects of a growing business then success is surely inevitable.

SalaryBook– Manage your Staff, Payroll & Expenses
all at one place.

SalaryBook is a very efficient business management mobile application. By using SalaryBook you can easily manage staff salary and attendance. SalaryBook app offers a very easy to use and simple mobile solution for payroll and employee management. SalaryBook is very user friendly. People from all scales of business fields, be it small, medium or large can integrate SalaryBook into their businesses and reap the benefits of its hassle-free system.

Mentioned below are the details of all SalaryBook features, how to enable them, and what are the benefits that it offers to businesses:

Keep a proper log of the payment details of your staff.
Keep a proper log of the payment details of your staff.

You can maintain a proper balance sheet of all the employees of your organization. The only thing you need to do is make your employee download the SalaryBook app from Google Playstore and add him/her to your organization/ business on the SalaryBook app. This is one of the SalaryBook features that will help keep track of the employees along with their details. Automatically the account book gets updated with debit and credit details.

You can categorically add staff by their payment cycles.

You can categorise your staff on the basis of their shifts and salary cycles- and thus untangle the complex process of accounting and make it simpler.

You can reward or help your staff with SalaryBook’s Early Salary Feature.

Appraisal and Rewards improve employee engagement and create a better work environment. With SalaryBook’s Early Salary feature you can reward or help your staff when needed. You can also set a Credit Limit for different employees according to your will. 

You can also categorise the different types of payments you make for your employees, such as:

 — Payment for Overtime Work

 — Bonus Payment

 — Allowances

 — Loan

 — Deductions and Fines

Smart Attendance Management System with SalaryBook.

SalaryBook provides you with your personal in-app attendance register for your business. SalaryBook’s smart attendance management system is very user friendly.

You can set alarm alerts for attendance and thus notify all your staff in one go. You can notify your staff when they are absent via SalaryBook’ in-app SMS alerts. You can also download Employee Reports with all their details in it in the ever compatible Pdf format.

You can also use SalaryBook’s exclusive GPS enabled auto attendance feature. SalaryBook also provides a daily SMS report feature.


With respect to the employer’s perspective, you can hire new employees via SalaryBook’s premium jobs portal which connects various job seekers with job hirers all over the world and bridges the gap between the two. 

Find New Hires With SalaryBook.

You can also post multiple jobs under specific portfolios according to your organization’s needs.

Post multiple jobs on SalaryBook’s Jobs portal.


With regards to the job seeker/employee’s perspective, You create a CV cum Visiting Card and connect with various employers on SalaryBook’s Jobs Portal.

SalaryBook’s CV style Visiting Card.

In today’s world, most successful businesses follow a proper management system. To rise up the ranks, we need an efficient man-management program to supervise the employees and channelize their energy properly.

SalaryBook provides you with an opportunity to have proper control over the most important facet of this management system i.e. the monetary operations like salary and attendance.

Studies have found out that timely payments of salaries can increase an employee’s efficiency up to 95%.

Especially in our country, where there is a surplus of small to medium scale businesses the advent of SalaryBook proves to be no less than a boon for both employers and employees.

Small and medium scale industries include local restaurants, grocery stores, garages, etc. that serve a hyper-local target audience usually fall under the blanket of a small-to-medium-size enterprise as they generate less revenue and operate with less than a certain level of workforce and assets.

These enterprises can maximize their profits with meticulous and proper planning of wages with the use of SalaryBook.

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