Hires in Kolkata Location

Kamalesh giri

salarybook Kamalesh salarybook Kolkata

4 years 12th
Experience Education


salarybook Pathology Technician salarybook Kolkata

5+ years Graduate
Experience Education


salarybook Techno Functional Consultant salarybook Kolkata

10+ years Master Degree
Experience Education


salarybook Interior salarybook Kolkata

1 year 12th
Experience Education


salarybook Self salarybook Kolkata

Work Experience Education Qualification
Experience Education

Bintu Daimari

salarybook Drive salarybook Kolkata

5+ years 10th or Below 10th
Experience Education

Saurav kumar mondal

salarybook Health assistant salarybook Kolkata

4 years Master Degree
Experience Education


salarybook Fgg salarybook Kolkata

3 year 10th or Below 10th
Experience Education

Amit Rajbhar

salarybook Self employed salarybook Kolkata

15+ years 12th
Experience Education

Safikul Islam

salarybook Subject Teacher salarybook Kolkata

3 year Post Graduate
Experience Education


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